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Style Your Tennessee Wedding: Colors

Well, today is a rather gloomy day with all the rain pouring down and flooding the streets, but rather than focusing on the weather, we’ll get straight to today’s topic: styling your event. Yes, another entry on the Bride and Groom Guide, but there is a lot of information it that should be taken notice of, especially if you happen to be planning a party and are looking for tips. So, after you have chosen a mood for your event, it’s up to you to find the right colors and patterns to convey that mood.

Let’s start with colors. As you already know cool or pale colors, such as sea green and lavender offer a different feel than warmer colors. Therefore, it’s no wonder cool colors are used for winter-themed events while warm ones are used for summer or fall. Spring, on the other hand, seems to be more in between, soft pinks and greens and all that, but that isn’t all there is to it. Patterns are good for brightening things up as well. They are good for moments when you have white dishes and need more color at the table. For those times, make sure you have a table cloth, napkins, and maybe a centerpiece, like flowers, on hand somewhere. Oh, and of course there is the lighting too. Never leave that out if your party is taking place at night, because with your guests’ eyes being used to the dark by the time they reach your home, the last thing you want is for them to have to be greeted with a harsh lamp or ceiling light. Paint it all with the dim, yet pretty orange and yellow glow of a bunch of lovely candles or festive, outdoor lights for backyard entertainment. Don’t forget to light the entrance!

Monochromatic Color Schemes


A monochromatic color scheme relies on shades of the same color to create a “look”.  The shades can be subtle ( like shown above ) or they can be dramatic.

Multi-Color Themes


This is one of my favorite ideas – the multi-color wedding.  I love it when multiple colors in varying shades are combined.  It creates a designer look with bold expression.  Since I love color, it is no surprise that I’d love this idea.

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