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Traditional or Trendy – Candy Favors You’ll Love

We hope you have a sweet-tooth, because today we’re discussing candy favors. So get out a napkin and an appetite for sugary goodness, for we have a large selection of various candies chocolates, candies and confections so enticing that it would be hard not to choose just one kind to discuss. All the different colors, flavor choices, and options for personalizing candy favors will make you want to keep them for yourself.

Here’s some old favorites and new trendy ideas for candy favors:


Rock Candy Favors

We have not seen rock candy packaged in an elegant, personalized way anywhere but here.  With nine colorful flavors to choose from rock candy favors can be color coordinated to your occasion.  Rock candy also makes a great addition to a candy buffet.



Chocolate is a real crowd pleaser!  And Lindt is one of the big names you can trust to consistently deliver smooth rich chcolate truffles.  Their truffles are individually wrapped so you can easily assort the flavors in your personalized candy favors.  Packaging by Illustration Girl & Company makes it easy to turn these delicious but common candies into unique personalized favors without spending a fortune.



Surprise your guests with unique flavors!  Gourmet taffy is a creative, affordable and flavorful choice for candy favors.  Starting at just $1 per favor, it is easy to see that you can give favors guests will enjoy without spending a lot.  Above: just some of the most popular flavors of taffy that are available for these candy favors.

When Size Matters

One of the greatest assets to giving candy favors is that you can use size and contents to control costs.  You could go with generous sized packaging per guest or per couple.  You could lay out a candy buffet to let guests choose their own flavors.  Or, you could go with small but personalized packaging that can make even the tiniest favor look inviting and thoughtful.

More to Come

We’ve got tons of great candy favor ideas and non-edible favors, too.  Watch for more blogs about wedding favors, coming soon!

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